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Graduation! Time for more learning!


Now that I’ve graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, I will be using my new free time to work on fun projects, including this site!


Another coping mechanism, as I transition away from full-time schooling, will be to take a few online classes on Coursera, and independently continue my education, at least until I start a Master’s Degree program. I’m currently registered for one class, and will be writing about my experience here on my site.

Startup Engineering

The course is called Startup Engineering, and covers a lot about building technology startups, which I find interesting. I’m also planning on using it to learn some more about web development, which is a set of skills I feel I am sorely lacking.

Here’s a brief overview:

Class starts tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to documenting my experience. Hope you enjoy reading my boring thoughts.

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